Sheet music: With LibreScore, you can get all the sheet music you need. In short, LibreScore is the free and open source alternative to We are also fully compatible with MuseScore’s file format, MSCZ (not just MIDI or MusicXML). Free: (as in beer) In contrast to other music sharing platforms, we don't charge you any money for getting notes. (as in speech) LibreScore's code is open source under GPL-v3. Forever: All website data and sheet files are stored in IPFS & Web3. No server downtime, No internet censorship, No DMCA takedown. You can even view sheets offline with the help of PWA.

LibreScore showcase

How it's made

* IPFS to store sheet files (mscz file, compatible with MuseScore) * IPLD (DAG-CBOR) to store score metadata (title, descriptions, etc.) with the sheet file * Textile for sheet indexing & searching * Fleek for website hosting in IPFS * (MuseScore lib in WebAssembly) for the powerful sheet renderer & audio synthesizer * Vue 3 + Ionic Framework for the responsive front-end UI * PWA technologies Future Work * Multi-P2P-Database integration; Multiple repos (like Ubuntu PPA) * Paywall using Filecoin * Send ETH/DAI/... as the "like" button * Uploader’s profile resolution using IPNS/Unstoppable Domains/...

Technologies used