OUR DREAM IS TO GROW YOUR PASSIONS WEEK BY WEEK experience the growth of playful and joyful passion when opensourcing your dreams to the crowd publicly challenge your dreams to turn your small seeds of inspiration into large trees of fruitful abundance. Intrinsicly, Omos begin to share your dreams and commit their time to co-create with you the social-, technological-, organizational- and financial opensource systems, tools and protocols to transform the shared dreams into empowering and joyful passions. OMO EARTHS crowdsourcing and crowdfunding tools are build on top of the CIRCLES universal basic income currency protocol. Circles introduces a radical new breed of money and a value system based on human centered trust, with the mission to empower sustainable human innovation growth for a greater common good showcase

How it's made

Omo's technological foundation is an offline first, decentralized and user owned encrypted by default dream-designer, app-builder, private datastore and personal currency based on the Circles-UBI protocol, IPFS Filesystem with Filecoin Backups and Textile Threads DB with an typesave ORM-Layer based on GraphQL with default realtime updates via subscriptions, including some reactive UI/UX sugar-syntax with Svelte and Tailwind

Technologies used