Helping artists monetize creative work via the decentralized web. Users can buy or sell access to exclusive content hosted on IPFS and Filecoin. The app will generate unique encryption and decryption keys and store them in the encrypted state of a privacy-preserving smart contract on Secret Network. - Subgraph - .Crypto Domain (needs Unstoppable Extension installed) Test domain (shown during demo): https://testdomain071.crypto Final domain: https://padlock.crypto - Padlock main contract - Padlock NFT contract

Padlock showcase

How it's made

Secret Network for key generation for content encryption/decryption, IPFS and Filecoin for storage (leveraged by Textile’s Powergate using the public http instance for IPFS hosting and Filecoin deal-making), The Graph for indexing, Fleek for hosting, 3Box for managing profiles and storing secret keys and Secret Network credentials, Metamask for Ethereum wallet use, and Pinata for pinning IPFS creations. App is built using Typescript-based React w/ Redux Saga for state management. Ethereum is used as the payment and data layer. There’s also the oracle that’s watching purchases and whitelisting buyers on the Padlock Secret Network contract as well as minting an NFT for each user purchase which acts as a receipt. We also added a .crypto domain for the project at (https://padlock.crypto). You'll need to use the Unstoppable Extension for Chrome to use it.

Technologies used