Description is a reference client of the newly proposed pulp protocol. pulp is a protocol that specifies a set of behaviors to facilitate the regular publication and subscription of text-first content on the distributed web: authors use pulp to publish content, readers use pulp to consume content, and aggregators use pulp to surface content. See more details on protocol here:

pnlp (i.e. PULP) showcase

How it's made

Stack Description * javascript browser application; Angular * the browser application is deployed to and hosted on IPFS using Fleek * browser application uses the ethers library to interact with Metamask and the ethereum blockchain * we rolled our own identity module to generate libP2Pidentities from Ethereum addresses, thereby connecting IPNS keyspace to Ethereum address space * the browser application uses Textile Buckets hosted on Textile Hub to interact with IPFS and IPNS. See our full hack log here:

Technologies used