Fast and tiny rust library, CLI tool, and npm package to generate CIDs without a full IPFS client


A minimal rust library, a CLI application, and wasm bindings exposed in an npm package to generate [IPFS]( CIDs of a given file. It aims to be _fast_ to execute and _tiny_ on the wire and at rest. The intent of the tools is to be for CID generation/verification _only_. It is not in any way an IPFS client, so when you don't need all of [rust-ipfs]( or [js-ipfs]( **Exampe use case:** you want is to genereate a CID of a file on your (web)app to cross-check it's validity, an/or broadcast this to a full IPFS client. The intent of the CLI tool is to use as a dev tool, and (eventually) target embeded devices that want to interact with files on IPFS (verification, and chunking), but not be a full cient.

Rust-CID-npm showcase

How it's made

Using [wasm-pack]( on the [rust-cid]( ) lib to get FAST cli and browser generation of CIDS without the need for a full IPFS client Dependencies: - Rust IPFS - Rust Libp2p - Wasm-pack - npm / node

Technologies used