Secured Finance is an institutional-grade financial transaction platform with automatic collateral management and mark-to-market mechanisms. With this protocol, we built scalable, flexible, decentralized peer-to-peer markets for loans and FX, and then we will add swaps and options as we progress. We designed a protocol using accumulated wisdom of 40-years of the financial industry that manages 600 trillions of dollars of OTC derivatives, and we make such a great interbank system open to the public. You can do the following traditional financial transactions with various formats. List of formats and examples is shown below. We can also create innovative structured products by combining these plain-vanilla transactions. - Loan (FIL loan backed by ETH) <---- HackFS primary focus - Deposit (FIL deposit to earn interest) - Swap (FIL/ETH cross-currency swap) - Option (FIL/ETH European call option) Target User - Miners who want to borrow/lend their FIL without worrying about credit risk - Investors who have long-term view and aim for excess return from markets - Hedgers who want to reduce their current exposure of their crypto-assets - Arbitragers who want to profit by providing liquidity to collateralized assets

Secured Finance showcase

How it's made

Key Components - Payment management smart contract - Collateral management smart contract - Liquidity management to support margin call operations - Ecosystem design of primary & secondary market on financial transactions Technologies and Tools - Filecoin for main payment currency - Ethereum for collateral management smart contract written in Solidity - Fleek and IPFS to develop web application - React or other front-end framework for UI - DID with ION or Elements for Identity and Key management Core Architecture

Technologies used