BlockSC Dapps is a HackFS project on Supply Chain. Its goal is to be a gateway to the Filecoin network and IPFS technology for stakeholders in the supply chain management. It is a solution to achieve the exchange of transaction information, transaction history, and transaction statements in compliance with industry standards With the support of smart contracts, we are providing more transparency into the provenance of consumer goods— from the source point to end consumption, improve on accurate asset tracking. Supply chains contain complex networks of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, auditors, and consumers. Our solution would streamline workflows for all parties, no matter the size of the business network. The infrastructure would shared to provide auditors with greater visibility into participants’ activities along the value chain. We are aimed at driving cost-saving efficiencies and to enhance the consumer experience through traceability, transparency, and tradeability.

How it's made

We use an app based on scafold-eth,Javascript, react front end form to get info to the contract on blockchain, then we could put that on ipfs/filecoin for access to various parties, we are working towards a complete implementation, so that the product send it's location via an iot device at the moment just the producer adding his product to the contract via react frontend, to get multiple form data (all values of the form) state to blockchain and back to front end. ( smart contract accept user input for a product, trying to get that input from frontend go to blockchain and come back to frontend, - after that have user then submit to ipfs)

Technologies used