SkyStorage is a decentralized video player. Where user can upload a video on web3 platforms like Filecoin and IPFS. The platform will give the ability to users to change the storage config of individual video file(like change in, hot and cold storage). Skystorage will retrieve only uploaded videos by login users. And give accessibility to these video files as a video player on the platform. Even, The platform storing the video file details on the ethereum blockchain. SkyStorage is hosted on hosting service. Presentation:

TeamSurti showcase

How it's made

SkyStorage is a follows the and textile powergate documentation to interact with Filecoin and IPFS. When New use comes to the platform it needs to register only once and during registration, the platform will generate filecoin token and filecoin address for user's metamask address and then the platform will save this filecoin address and tokens in ethereum blockchain. After successful registration, User can add files on Filecoin and IPFS. When a user uploads any video, Platform asks the user to where user exactly wants to store this video like on hot(IPFS) or cold(filecoin) storage or both. So, then the storage config of video file user can change and according to config platform will save the file. And even, It will save file details on the ethereum blockchain. After successful Upload, User can see uploaded his/her list of video files in his/her dashboard in Gridview. The platform also providing various video functionality to give video player experience.

Technologies used