TJ Wallet is a completely decentralized wallet based on the Filecoin network. 1. The wallet is safe and reliable 2. This wallet supports Filecoin/ETH and more virtual currencies 3. The code of this wallet is open source 4. The information of the wallet will be completely stored on the Filecoin main network 5. This wallet will be open to all users for download and use

TJ Wallet Lite showcase

How it's made

My team completed the development of TJ Wallet Lite using the following development tools IDE tool: Android Studio 4.0 JAVA version: JDK-1.8.0_221 Plug-in: web3j, bitcoinj-core, BIP39, fastjson Android version requirements: Android 5.0 or above One-stop Digital Asset Solution Detailed explanation of the whole process of TJ Wallet Lite IPFS / Filecoin Special Edition Technical support provided by Tianji Data

Technologies used