WatchdogDAO is working towards increasing accountability of governments and public institutions. You can’t optimise a system that you don’t closely measure, so we're using a DAO to coordinate citizens around the world into gathering, analysing and acting on data to move governments into better representing our interests. For HackFS I built two poof-of-concepts. One focused on long term storage of government data in a manner that can't be tampered with. The other focused on police accountability through an archive of evidence of police abuse of force. The archive is curated by a decentralized network of citizens.

Watchdog DAO showcase

How it's made

The project is hosted on Fleek Hosting. All the IPFS uploads are handled by Pinata. I use Fleek Storage for hybrid hosting (IPFS/Filecoin) and I also used a Lotus node to create deals directly with the network. The project requires a Twitter bot which currently runs on AWS but I would like to explore iExec to run it in a decentralized manner. I also built a custom Aragon app that I require for the DAO to manage a curated list. It has its own custom subgraph and npm package to connect with said graph. Using React for the client, and the data wrangling happened thanks to the lovely Python toolset.

Technologies used