We built a Web3 WASM runtime for universally compatible smart contract APIs. This allows protocols to implement user-friendly wrappers in a language agnostic way. These WASM modules, paired with a subgraph for historical data querying, combine together to create a single GraphQL schema that defines the entirety of the protocol. We call this GraphQL schema a "Web3API". Web3APIs live on IPFS and are addressable using ENS. They can be queried from any language or platform: Node, Browser, C#, C/C++, Rust, Go, Python, etc. dApps only need to include our lightweight client to query any Web3 API. In summary, Web3 APIs: - Instantly integrate into your applications - Run on all devices - And interact with your favorite P2P protocols

Web3API showcase

How it's made

Here’s where it’s currently at in development: - Client applications can fetch, parse, and execute Web3APIs using a combination of: IPFS, ENS, GraphQL, and WebAssembly. - The WebAssembly smart contract APIs executing in the client can communicate with P2P networks: Ethereum, IPFS, Graph Protocol, more soon... - We have a user friendly CLI that allows developers to easily build, test, and publish their APIs.

Technologies used