HackFS 2021

Create the Foundation of the Decentralized Web

Jul 30 2021 - Aug 20 2021
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Kopper HackFS 2021
Decentralized Music Streaming Platform that allows music artists to form a ...
Saveas cj (hfs2021)
Saveas cj (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
I don't have enough time to finish my project. Just take it as a practice.
ChooChooChen Arts Photography Website
ChooChooChen Arts Photography WebsiteHackFS 2021
Photography page for professional photographers (using my own) where photos...
Atlantis World
Atlantis WorldHackFS 2021
A virtual world where you can live, work, play + earn: we are building the ...
fcjq fcqj (hfs2021)
fcjq fcqj (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
give it a try, not sure I can finish the task ...
Decentralised Social Media
Decentralised Social MediaHackFS 2021
Provide a decentralised social media for users to interact with friends and...
PulpHackFS 2021
Pulp is a distributed publishing platform built on Ethereum and IPFS. Not y...
WatchhhHackFS 2021
Watchhh - a censorship/takedown resistant archive of your tweets & DMs
JournalsHackFS 2021
Investigative journalism for real-time news events that creates a healthy b...
Chill with Audius
Chill with AudiusHackFS 2021
Discover Popular Music along with info about Genres. Shuffle some music or ...
Filecoin Payment Bridge
Filecoin Payment BridgeHackFS 2021
A multichain payment solution for Filecoin system in one platform
VitrineHackFS 2021
Vitrine is the Web3 User Profile. It aggregates all different types of asse...
Bulletin Block System
Bulletin Block SystemHackFS 2021
Bulletin Block System: An homage to BBSes as a board of scrolling blocks of...
GedditHackFS 2021
Social media platform developed by using blockchain technology and introduc...
Dough Maker
Dough MakerHackFS 2021
Dough maker is a project for turning data into Web3 dough on blockchain
SpectHackFS 2021
Spect is a reputation based deal making protocol that makes it easy for co...
The focus for this project was NFT creation and storage with interaction on...
PetgramHackFS 2021
PetGram is a decentralized version of the Instagram platform where each vie...
EthBloxHackFS 2021
A social platform for users to share their NFTs, join communities, and make...
Medical Images uploaded to FileCoin by OpenVessels
Medical Images uploaded to FileCoin by OpenVesselsHackFS 2021
healthcare systems are required by law to keep a CT scan on file for 7 year...
web3comicsHackFS 2021
Webcomics for the web3 so that content creators can find new ways to moneti...
Royalty Free NFT
Royalty Free NFTHackFS 2021
Royalty Free NFT is a marketplace and hub for artist to sell their work as ...
ETH Poster
ETH PosterHackFS 2021
A ridiculously simple general purpose social media smart contract. It takes...
MDTPHackFS 2021
Digital content space to show off your NFTs, that you own as an NFT!
We are creating a Banking Dapp that provides savings account and 'digital ...
Insurance.network (hfs2021)
Insurance.network (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
A Cyber Insurance Marketplace that allows people to create, bid and fufill ...
Dead Man's Switch
Dead Man's SwitchHackFS 2021
Dead Man's Switch - Automatically releases files to trustees if you become...
Ethiopia/PolytopiaHackFS 2021
It's twitter on the blockchain! You need an NFT to post and you can stake ...
SproutHackFS 2021
Decentralized Medium+Twitter powered by web3, smart contracts, and IPFS.
jrnlstHackFS 2021
A decentralized text differencing and change tracking tool to compare immut...
AppendHackFS 2021
Create a pixel-perfect Web 3.0 blog, store, or app. Drag and drop elements ...
EtherBlacklistHackFS 2021
Blacklisting of scams addresses using non transferable and non burnable NFT...
ScholarDAOHackFS 2021
Democratize research using a decentralized peer-review mechanism, reputatio...
BabelHackFS 2021
Babel is a generative NFT protocol, allowing users to contribute to a colla...
Puma iOS: Eth & Unlock & Web3.storage preview
Puma iOS: Eth & Unlock & Web3.storage previewHackFS 2021
Puma: Ethereum Wallet, Unlock Protocol and Web3.storage preview for iOS dem...
cidSignHackFS 2021
Sign CIDs on Ethereum Blockchain and verify address using DNS
Ventura Protocol
Ventura ProtocolHackFS 2021
Crowdsourced NFT wish-list, where anyone who pledges gets a % of the sale
The Mango Jelly @ HackFS
The Mango Jelly @ HackFSHackFS 2021
Earn passive income using your NFTs. How? Sell merch with your NFTs. Discov...
DeAIHackFS 2021
DeAI is a solution of training ML models without compromising data privacy.
MetawardHackFS 2021
Decentralised Certified Appreciation Manager & Generator for Everyone
DapperHackFS 2021
Dapper is a meta-NFT handshake collectible based on Ethereum. We provide ic...
FragmentHackFS 2021
Fragment is a proposition to leverage Filecoin, IPLD schemas and the Fluenc...
CryptoPotatoesHackFS 2021
Memory game where users can match cute pairs of potatoes and buy as NFTs
Eth(OS)tepHackFS 2021
Ethostep is a techno-spiritual collective hastas movement to timeclocks to ...
Games Vault
Games VaultHackFS 2021
Games Vault is a decentralised game distribution eco-system. This includes ...
2C | 👛 The Data Wallet & 🥂 BYOF Marketplace
2C | 👛 The Data Wallet & 🥂 BYOF MarketplaceHackFS 2021
👛 The Data Wallet hosts social graphs of trusted people, so that any dApp ...
Piyoush CHOUDHARY (hfs2021)
Piyoush CHOUDHARY (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
This dapp is designed in such a way that creators can raise the funds in mi...
MemeXHackFS 2021
MemeX is a DeFi Powered NFT Lottery. Users will stake $MEMEX to earn points...
Crypto Devs NFT
Crypto Devs NFTHackFS 2021
A non-transferrable NFT that serves as a personal portfolio/resume for aspi...
FiveTokenHackFS 2021
to bridge Filecoin ecosystem to Web 3 metaverse with reliable ID management
ShutterSeaHackFS 2021
Unsplash on IPFS: A decentralized platform for downloading high-quality sto...
Decentralized note that you can trust and data stored securely
Arnav Shah (hfs2021)
Arnav Shah (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
Creating a smart contract as an introduction to Ethereum. Using State chann...
TrapchainHackFS 2021
Using flashbots to send batch transactions to token curated playlists.
CheckoutFSHackFS 2021
Create instant checkout pages for your business or service hosted on IPFS.
Woyaofacai ss (hfs2021)
Woyaofacai ss (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
still looking around and study ...
FraktureHackFS 2021
Factory for ongoing revenue sharing, using Superfluid IDA, storing data on ...
SaturnHackFS 2021
P2P decentralized file sharing application without any limits. Think Wetran...
NFTrailHackFS 2021
Create an On-Chain Documentation Trail for your physical assets using a com...
UpldHackFS 2021
Upld is a video sharing website built on top of IPFS. The main goal of the ...
PastepinHackFS 2021
Pastepin is a decentralized pastebin that allows you to share text and file...
Fidelius.ethHackFS 2021
Fidelius.eth is a dApp used to share organizational secrets among DAO memb...
Crimson Affe
Crimson AffeHackFS 2021
A decentralized NFT marketplace exchange for artists that helps adopt them ...
Meme Lord Game built with JVM Metaverse
Meme Lord Game built with JVM MetaverseHackFS 2021
JVM is a metaverse platform and Meme Lord Adventure is a Polygon based play...
Block Map
Block MapHackFS 2021
There are so many services an user uses nowadays. This app will help visual...
Out of the Ether
Out of the EtherHackFS 2021
One-click NFT minting from 'screesnhot' of animated Canvas. Animation is an...
daoWareHackFS 2021
No code MVP Application to generate a DAO + Deploy website to IPFS
Metacards (v2)
Metacards (v2)HackFS 2021
Metacards is a platform where people can mint their own Trading Card Set as...
RightokenHackFS 2021
Rightoken is reimagining the music industry by building a stock market for ...
DiscoveryHackFS 2021
Discovery educates and onboards users and developers into the future of the...
Om PARIKH (hfs2021)
Om PARIKH (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
This is decentralized version of git which allows basic functionalities of ...
MetaworthHackFS 2021
A platform that enables meta creators to easily manage their metadata, medi...
xirvaHackFS 2021
Xirva (pronounced Kirva) is the decentralized version of Arxiv. Publish, s...
WhiptailHackFS 2021
We are making a DAO for forecasting that harnesses the wisdom of the crowd.
LandpeerHackFS 2021
Sell your land, not your token. Landpeer enables videos of your NFT real es...
p2p game
p2p gameHackFS 2021
p2p game(tic-tac-toe) using libp2p, stores game data on web3.storage.
Web3 Dev Tools
Web3 Dev ToolsHackFS 2021
Web3 Dev Tools consists of dev tools powered by Web3 technologies. As of no...
Cryptoastmasters.orgHackFS 2021
We are building a community of people who want to get better at communicati...
Image Sharing as NFT
Image Sharing as NFTHackFS 2021
Image sharing as NFT on IPFS using NFT.storage by using IPFS this you can ...
ArthologyHackFS 2021
Bridging the gap between NFTs and the traditional art world.
NFT Options
NFT OptionsHackFS 2021
NFT options protocol using IPFS and UMA long short pair library.
Shadowy Super Coder == The Game
Shadowy Super Coder == The GameHackFS 2021
A simple endless runner blockchain game using IPFS for game state storage ...
CoopartHackFS 2021
Coopart is the first-ever cooperative tile-based NFT art marketplace.
Meme-verseHackFS 2021
Platform to mint memes to sell. Audience can buy the memes giving them acce...
Blockchain Robotics
Blockchain RoboticsHackFS 2021
A framework for integrating IoT devices and blockchain applications
Namdaemun Marketplace [NM]
Namdaemun Marketplace [NM]HackFS 2021
Marketplace for Buyers and Seller utilizing the Polygon MATIC
Juan Obligado (hfs2021)
Juan Obligado (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
Composable price aggregation service which will allow devs to easily access...
FilscanHackFS 2021
Filscan provides one-stop data service for participants of Filecoin ecosyst...
BraineumVerseHackFS 2021
BraineumVerse is the mapping of the real world into the mind-space of a pse...
PhotollaHackFS 2021
Decentralized image sharing platform for the creators to create and the fan...
CryptoShootersHackFS 2021
CypherShooters is a blockchain play-and-earn game that gives you the opport...
DChanHackFS 2021
DChan is a decentralized meme and picture conversation, where people post o...
Interstellar Thoughts
Interstellar ThoughtsHackFS 2021
A protocol and server implementation to allow anyone to host a thought post...
Certificate Maker NFT
Certificate Maker NFTHackFS 2021
A dapp where users can use certificate template to create certificate and u...
DeFiWikiHackFS 2021
DeFiWiki is a platform with information about DeFi projects. Its advantages...
DescrowHackFS 2021
A decentralized escrow service for swapping code and crypto.
Web3 Dark Mode
Web3 Dark ModeHackFS 2021
Change website designs and crowdsource the edits to increase your reputatio...
Filament Finance
Filament FinanceHackFS 2021
A Dapp for managing personal finance, including scheduled streaming payment...
KenshoHackFS 2021
Solving issues of trust in the higher education space using blockchain.
BlizztHackFS 2021
Blizzt evolution NFTs is a NFT that can evolve to another phases. It's desi...
dunp.orgHackFS 2021
Decentralized Universal Networking Protocol - social/professional networkin...
Project Infinity
Project InfinityHackFS 2021
Infinity Portal of NFTs, create NFTs within NFTs to traverse through differ...
MultiChainBot HackFS 2021
MultiChainBot - an example of best use of sponsors APIs in a Discord Bot
Yasss [by Alejandra M. Salaverria]
Yasss [by Alejandra M. Salaverria]HackFS 2021
Creator-owned decentralized artist-to-peer marketplace of NFT digital hyper...
Defi Together - Moon Together
Defi Together - Moon TogetherHackFS 2021
Chat and invest in Defi together with friends, no trust required.
googli.ethHackFS 2021
creating a blockchain based notary service with final document minted to n...
2C Publisher
2C PublisherHackFS 2021
Decentralized dApp for web3/static file deployment. Allows developers to pu...
RhadaPayHackFS 2021
Rhada is pioneering 'Event Driven Payments'. We are building a service for ...
Space FS
Space FSHackFS 2021
Idea is to Blockchain-based platform for hosting live audio/music/voice eve...
NetSepioHackFS 2021
Browser Extension allowing users to review a website (or any virtual asset)...
IPFS-NotebookHackFS 2021
IPFS-Notebook is an encrypted note-taking app that offers an easy user expe...
immutable news
immutable newsHackFS 2021
The idea will be to have few stories a day that is related to news of the d...
InnovatractHackFS 2021
A smart contract that enables users to enter binding contracts with themsel...
DoxxHackFS 2021
A web3 notebook linked to your ENS name. Edit text, upload files and images...
ReNFTHackFS 2021
Reimagine-NFT is an NFTs reuse, repurpose tools. Not just bored Avatar, Mus...
Fen San De Majiang
Fen San De MajiangHackFS 2021
Mahjong but decentralized with the option of betting. It stores logs in IPF...
Defi Gullak 1.0
Defi Gullak 1.0HackFS 2021
HODLing has been the best strategy in crypto. Hodl is here to help you do t...
DifoHackFS 2021
DIFO - Derivated Income Funding Operations; Non-zero-sum structure - For fu...
BALD NFT Storage
BALD NFT StorageHackFS 2021
Backend system to deploy assets to nft.storage and nft contract to ethereum
IPWP (Interplanetary WordPress) (hfs2021)
IPWP (Interplanetary WordPress) (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
Brainstorming interesting ways of integrating WordPress with IPFS and Filec...
Joshua Cheong (hfs2021)
Joshua Cheong (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
Betting Game in Matic network with Chainlink based from Dapp University's g...
MoteHackFS 2021
Mote is a social media Dapp for podcast-style 1:1 conversations. Conversati...
Learning About IPFS
Learning About IPFSHackFS 2021
Learning IPFS (and ReactJS) by creating a simple Dapp for storing a user pr...
Coffee Chain
Coffee ChainHackFS 2021
Marketplace with digital payment systems, which provides traceability and d...
InLight Meditation
InLight MeditationHackFS 2021
A meditation timer and progress tracking app that mints an NFT for every me...
FerryHackFS 2021
A short term file transfer tooling for Web 3. This simple Dapp can be used ...
Unstoppable Clubs
Unstoppable ClubsHackFS 2021
Creators can create clubs where people can become members and have access t...
P2P Lending Platform
P2P Lending PlatformHackFS 2021
A Peer to Peer exchange that uses ERC-721 token standards to allow the lend...
P2P Advertising
P2P AdvertisingHackFS 2021
P2P advertising using Polygon Blockchain and Chainlink. It also uses Chainl...
Call Meta
Call MetaHackFS 2021
Application for navigating pair programming and online meeting videos with ...
Disco Rock Repo
Disco Rock RepoHackFS 2021
Last 60 years of popular music video and audio file repository.
Internal Story
Internal StoryHackFS 2021
Internal story is decentralized inventory management system. The goal is to...
wslyvh (hfs2021)
wslyvh (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
N/a - not submitting any final project, unfortunately. Adding more text for...
Glyph : an NFT marketplace for minting scientific experiemets and using splitstream funding mechanism to fund open ideas / innovation
Glyph : an NFT marketplace for minting scientific experiemets and using splitstream funding mechanism to fund open ideas / innovation HackFS 2021
We are creating an Dapp for people to mint the papers / scientific ideas ...
NFTFreezerHackFS 2021
Not all NFT projects have metadata uploaded to IPFS. NFTFreezer is a way fo...
SnapNFTHackFS 2021
We are building a decetralised solution to create and sell AR Filters as NF...
NebaryHackFS 2021
iOS Siri bridge to IPFS/Filecoin built as an iOS Shortcut which leverages t...
FungyProofHackFS 2021
A Third-Party Grading and Enrichments Platform for the token metaverse.
TimeRoseHackFS 2021
Indexing the dataverse base on Filecoin and IPFS (onchain data and offchain...
AudiusTipHackFS 2021
AudiusTip - Musician-Fan token liquidity service which aid support & buy it...
FootprintsHackFS 2021
Location based memorials and Photography Specific NFT marketplace with inbu...
DBeatsHackFS 2021
DBeats is a decentralised Live Video Streaming & Music Streaming censorship...
CourtifyHackFS 2021
A platform for storing tamper proof evidence for the Court Proceedings.
Storage Monkey
Storage MonkeyHackFS 2021
Storage Monkey lets users share their address aliases across DApps, in a se...
Blockhead: The HackFS Web 3.0 Update
Blockhead: The HackFS Web 3.0 UpdateHackFS 2021
The building continues! Adding Ceramic/IDX decentralized identity authentic...
Easy Web3
Easy Web3HackFS 2021
A website builder for non-coder to create simple web3 applications
FileDAGHackFS 2021
FileDAG is a decentralized storage solution based on IPFS. It will provide ...
NiFTiHackFS 2021
NiFTi is an NFT geo-location media anchoring DApp. Leave favorite memories ...
Lucas viana (hfs2021)
Lucas viana (hfs2021)HackFS 2021
A simple desktop wallet build with javascript react electron filcoin wallet...
$DTTHackFS 2021
We are focused on building a self-sovereign identity solution using crypto-...
CarbonReviewsHackFS 2021
Decentralized and tamper-proof review mechanism for consumers to rate the c...
OpenLabsHackFS 2021
OpenLabs is a blockchain-based peer review platform for scholarly research ...
NFTaftermarketHackFS 2021
SuperXEROX V2 SDK released for developers to create their own NFT copy mach...