Political regulations and censorship have no power here. Or at least this is what we want to believe. Truth is our beloved web3 ecosystem has serious blindspots in regard to true censorship resistance. Interacting with the blockchain is not a trivial task, that’s why we are putting our all efforts to bring great user experiences through our front end applications. However a big part of the architecture of many dapps requires traditional web2 centralized solutions, this is, potentially, a problem that could affect thousands of users if a restriction policy is deployed. This is bad news, but… there’s still hope. Hi, my name is Alfredo Bonilla, and it’s honor to present you the BYOF Publisher team conformed by Alonzo Vargas, Roy Rivera, Alvaro Grant a team of costa ricans who want to make the web a better place for all of us, where no one can harm our right to participate in it. Inpired by and Ceramic IDX we design a concept that allows the user to upload their front end dapp files to IPFS, making it available to everyone, everywhere but at the same time giving it the capability of being signed by a trusted team of developers. With BYOF Publisher you can use your own user interface to interact with any smart contract out there by using platform to host the statics files of a dapp. For this hackathon we built a proof of concept for the file uploading functionality so users are able to upload and check the information of their dapps in an easy way, making them ready to be verified by any identity management system such as Ceramic IDX. In the future, BYOF Publisher is intended to be part of a suite of scripts that will allow the users to securely identify any published dapp by a trusted network, making it easier to choose which dapp is a good fit for them.

2C Publisher showcase

How it's made

In order to make easier to deploy front end files to IPFS We are using web3 storage JavaScript API to upload the files through a dapp built on React. API was really useful for us to achieve this goal. At the end we run into some issues with the build due to code examples from but the idea is to sort them out in the future.

Technologies used