Arnav Shah (hfs2021)

Creating a smart contract as an introduction to Ethereum. Using State channels as the main backbone.


This probject makes a fake traffic light simulator that has 3 states: Red, Green, Yellow. The user is given different functionalities for each traffic light state in including push car, speed car, and honk. There is a step score and a quality score. The step score is to see how far the user has gone overall and the quality score is to see how good a driver the user is. The quality score decreases when the user Honks at a red and increases when the user regularly pushes their car at a green.

Arnav Shah (hfs2021) showcase

How it's made

This was made using solidity. There are not any sponsor technologies used. This was a really cool introduction to solidity and it was a great experience going through the solidity documentation as well as Crypto Zombies in order to learn Solidity. This was made using the enum function which allows me to set my own types.

Technologies used