Atlantis World is a virtual world where you can live, work, play + earn: the first lightweight metaverse enabling interactive, token-gated community spaces powered by gamified DeFi. We want to transform open metaverse into accessible (lightweight) open metaverse that plugs into DeFi applications, whilst gamifying the DeFi + Web3 experience to onboard + educate new users. Our vision for Atlantis is a democratised virtual world governed by its users where you can... Live: experience new things, own + share property, spend time with your friends, learn (in our Web3 Academy, more on that later), grow together! Work: video/audio call in private, exclusive spaces (powered by token gating) with your colleagues; gamified DAO voting; Play: enjoy mini games, build spaces; Earn: earn interest on your crypto assets in a secure way; access fair lending, freely swap tokens, interact with leading DeFi apps, play to earn models. We believe existing virtual worlds in Web3 are clunky, difficult to load without interruption & neglect the flourishing DeFi ecosystem. On top of that, there are currently no virtual worlds or games that are embracing the community spirit of crypto / Web3 by enabling private & exclusive spaces gated by proof of token ownership (using standards including ERC20, ERC721, ECR155). This results in a landscape whereby virtual worlds: aren't accessible due to a high cost barrier of entry, for example, a base requirement of purchasing the latest iPad or gaming PC; communities can't build or gather in exclusive, token gated spaces in games / virtual worlds; users of virtual worlds are left without access to secure lending or high interests savings accounts whilst immersed in the ecosystem. So: we are leveraging the power & familiarity of 2D spaces & easy-to-load pixel art to make virtual worlds in Web3 globally accessible, whilst integrating drop-in video calling like on and integrating protocols / dApps like Uniswap, + Aave. Beyond that, we’re exploring further DeFi & Web3 integrations (IE with DAOHaus -> to enable in-game DAO voting) to provide more value to our users & Web3 communities.

Atlantis World showcase

How it's made

Phaser -> Game framework. IPFS / -> Storing game assets on-chain + React UI for adding / modifying assets / meta-data. Moralis API -> MetaMask wallet connect, token-gating. Aave -> In-game interactions with Aave protocol + use of sub-graph powered by Graph Protocol. Polygon -> Matic mainnet. Audius -> In-game music streaming.

Technologies used