I'm a front-end developer and designer continuing on my quest to build the most flexible, user-friendly, transparent and decentralized interface for the blockchain/web 3.0 multiverse! For ETHGlobal HackFS 2021, I've refactored the codebase and added new features focused around web 3.0 technologies. Catch up on Blockhead's existing features by watching my demos from previous hackathons! - ETHGlobal Scaling Ethereum: - ETHGlobal HackMoney: --- Blockhead is a user-friendly interface for tracking, visualizing and exploring your blockchain assets and web 3.0 activity. - Track all your crypto holdings. Connect your wallets and see your tokens, DeFi balances and NFTs in one place. - Visualize your crypto activity. See your transactions in new ways through interactive charts and visualizations. - Explore the Ethereum Multiverse. Browse blockchain transactions and statistics for any EVM compatible chain! --- Blockhead is now on Gitcoin Grants! Help Blockhead become the single best user experience for viewing and interacting with the crypto/web 3.0 multiverse.

Blockhead: The HackFS Web 3.0 Update showcase

How it's made

New features: Aave Dedicated app dashboard with embedded governance interface: Audius Added an Audius explorer/music player interface! Browse artists, curators, tracks, and playlists and stream music from the Audius network directly within Blockhead. Ceramic Started implementing a flow enabling Ceramic/3ID/IDX login/authentication from the Portfolio screen. Use your Ethereum wallet to create/authenticate DIDs and import other CAIP-10 linked blockchain accounts. Chainlink Fetching on-chain price feed data for explorer dashboard: Covalent Crypto portfolio/block explorer/historical price data. Added historical transactions on Explorer view. Example (switch "Transaction Provider" to "Covalent" under Preferences): ENS ENS domain resolution. Updated subgraph explorer: Livepeer Dedicated app dashboard: Pillar Added historical transactions on Explorer view. Example: Polygon Supported blockchain for crypto portfolio/block explorer: Protocol Labs User-customizable IPFS gateway for all IPFS-fetched assets (NFTs, Audius tracks, etc). Frontend now hosted on IPFS via Fleek: Superfluid Dedicated app dashboard: The Graph GraphQL explorer on several dynamically generated app dashboards. Updated ENS subgraph explorer:

Technologies used