Create instant checkout and product pages hosted on IPFS. CheckoutFS enables any user to get up and running with a storefront without subscription or credit card fees. - Discover existing checkout and product pages. Use the cid as the primary key for storefront access. - Upload images and descriptions for the catalog. Metadata for the catalog is delivered via a Ceramic stream once the checkout page is accessed. - Integrated pricing and checkout using Unlock protocol (other payment integrations could also be added). - Create a new wallet to support payments helps new businesses adopt and receive cryptocurrency payments and potentially improve both the cost and speed of transactions. - IPFS powered storage and transaction record keeping.

CheckoutFS showcase

How it's made

CheckoutFS is made possible by using different sponsors to cover separate components of a checkout page experience.IPFS and Filecoin are the primary drivers making CheckoutFS possible. Using, a storefront or product page creator can host a distributed menu or catalog of items available for purchase with cryptocurrency. Each sponsor added serves an important vertical of the functionality in the app which is discussed during the video and on the github readme. Check it out here:

Technologies used