Based on music from the Audius API. Select a genre and get 3 artists, tracks, and playlists that are trending in that genre. Will also display an info about the genre extracted from Wikipedia. Finally the styling will change depending of the mood and or genre. Current version only shows artwork, artist name and song title. There's a button to shuffle the trending songs in the selected genre. Continuous mode is on by default and the songs will automatically shuffle. Still a lot of work to be done in regards to the styling in particular and then I have some ideas flor improvement.

Chill with Audius showcase

How it's made

This project is built using Audius API to get information about artists and tracks. Wikipedia API to extract information about music genres. React to build function based components and Hooks. I also tried using Styled Components for some parts. This is more a traditional web app and no DApp. Maybe next time!

Technologies used