CidSign enables easy signing of CIDs using Ethereum addresses and links the signer to a domain name. The frontend is called WUTD - who uploaded that document and demonstrates file uploading, checking domain name linked signers and signing a document. This project has an API that resolves address to linked domain names. Relevant addresses posted in TXT records on the domain service. Example TXT record: "v=blockAddress1 type=eth address=0x97EC59751B138386B7eB98d2d8CE9BF6FfD053f9" Chrome extension that demonstrates checking a webpage for Ethereum addresses and checking for linked domain names.

cidSign showcase

How it's made

Api: Python + Django + Django REST Framework DNS configuration TXT files, Frontend: MetaMask,, node, webpack, Contract: solidity. Sponsor tech used was which was used for saving files, checking their status and using the unique cid as the component to sign.

Technologies used