The main objective of this application/project is to store evidence associated with court cases. There are many cases where the evidence gets tampered with, destroyed, or even lost in natural calamities. The case will not stand if proper evidence is not submitted. We are contributing this project in alliance with the judiciaries maxim " Let 1000 Culprits Can Escape But, One Innocent Should Not Be Convicted". This application provides the provision to store the evidence tamper-proof by storing it IPFS and the has of it is stored on the Blockchain(Polygon). The application is designed in such a way that the supreme authority is given to chief-justice and he/she has the right to add courts to the system. Only the court is having the privilege to add the case details and only lawyers can add evidence.

Courtify showcase

How it's made

Blockchain used is Polygon. IPFS is used through Infura API. The Front-end, Back-end, and contract interaction, etc are done with the help of React Next.js, TailwindCSS, web3.js, etc. And Smart Contract is written in Solidity with frameworks like Hardhat for testing, Brownie for deployment, etc.

Technologies used