Crimson Affe is a curated NFT marketplace that lets artists focus on their craft. Our target audience is those who lack technical knowledge, are new to blockchain, or do not have the time to create NFTs. We assist artists in minting their NFTs. We offer a personalized service that allows more artists to adopt the Ethereum ecosystem. In addition, many artists have less time to learn about blockchain. This project helps ease them into this space and educate them along the way.

Crimson Affe showcase

How it's made

This project uses Solidity for writing the smart contract of creating the Crimson Affe marketplace. Open Zeppelin ERC-721 contract was used to mint the tokens along with their reentrancy guard to prevent reentrancy attacks. Hardhat was used to assist with the compiling and deployment of the contract as well as testing contract interaction on the local network before moving onto the Polygon Mumbai testnet. Polygon was used where the contracts was deployed to for faster transaction speed and cheaper gas fees. Protocol Labs' was utilized to store the metadata of the NFTs along with the image of the NFTs as well. Polygon was fairly simple setup and run, however docs were somewhat difficult to understand and presented a bit of a challenge to retrieve our tokenUri. Overall we were happy with what we accomplished, but would have liked to produce a fully functional marketplace Dapp.

Technologies used