This is a fun project built to explore different use cases for NFTs. Who doesn't dream of sending out an opensea link for their resume? It uses a frontend built using React and Chakra UI to collect data from the user. It then interfaces with using the API to upload the image and the markdown file created from Projects teaxtarea. Using the cid that is returned from it then mints a new CryptoDev NFT!

Crypto Devs NFT showcase

How it's made

I went into this hackathon hoping to get an idea of what I was good at and where I struggled. I chose to hack solo so I could get a feel for each different role and see what were my strengths. I struggled with brainstorming an idea, being creative on a timeline was tough. I also struggled with the frontend UI/UX stuff and with this being my first react project I spent a considerable amount of my time learning (I didn't want to know about Hooks but I do now). I think the most impressive thing to me about this entire build was being able to do this all in the browser. I went in thinking I would need a backend server to process a POST request. I was really impressed with how well the API just works.

Technologies used