What is CypherShooters A Play and Earn, Cyberpunk RPG Battler We believe in true digital ownership for gamers, where the items and currency you earn in the metaverse belong to you and you should be able to buy, sell, and trade them as you wish. How do you play? The world of CypherShooters takes place in Cypher City, where you are leading the revolution against the AI corporate overloads by recruiting Operators and Crafting weapons to go to battle with the enemy droids. Winning battles grants you TAG tokens which you can use to recruit more operators, craft better weapons, or cash out other cryptos or fiat currencies.

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How it's made

We built our contracts using truffle and remix for testing and deployed these on to Mumbai test net for our game. We believe Polygon's low gas fees and fast transactions are great for a game built on the blockchain. We have 3 contracts, Characters, Weapon, and the game master contract. These allow us to mint our NFTs which are required to play the game. We also have an ERC20 token contract that we use to give out the TAG token as a reward. The gamemaster contract handles the logic of checking for a user's character and weapon and generates and facilitates enemies for combat and rewards. The frontend uses Nuxt and Vue. We also used gitbook to document all the game design technicalities we wanted to implement.

Technologies used