DBeats is a Decentralised Platform for Content Creators & Artists. You want to Live Stream to your audience on Twitch/Youtube/Facebook or any other platform.Stream it on DBeats we restream it to platform of your choice using Livepeer. Want to Publish your new audio Album & have no big budget for signing a with a big music label company. Publish it on DBeats & create its NFT your audience can stream your music & groove on it or they can buy your NFT & make you groove with that fresh new NFT Music sell. Dbeats stores Music & Videos on IPFS and makes it accessible to anyone, anywhere they are through an easy UI/UX. Also making it censorship resistant.

DBeats showcase

How it's made

During development of the Livepeer streaming & multistream part of the DBeats I ran into some exciting challenges the Beta API stopped working a day before the Submission. Eric Tang - Livepeer readily helped and provide more better insights into the API structure which helped solve a major part of the problem. The NFT part on Zora-Polygon was done in just 4 days with all UI & Backend.

Technologies used