DChan is a decentralized meme and picture conversation, where people post on multiple pages referencing there favorite topics while only using Memes and pictures with description. Through decentralized posts we can NFT every conversation, users can even sale their NFTs. Dub's, Trip's, quad's, quint's imagine the user coming back for more just for the chance of printing a new NFT and using it to market his cool pic.

DChan showcase

How it's made

Through File and IPFS we create a picture file that is on the file coin blockchain, users choose their favorite topic(in this case eth contract back end file) and post it there, through token list we show the last 20 NFTs printed and users are encouraged to continue memeing the topic, there is a blacklist contract that can blacklist the user from the channel for a blocktime stamp of time, this means users themselves can mod their favorite Dchan topic pages, every File is also an NFT so users will always keep their Memes and picture files with them and are encouraged to sell them online.

Technologies used