DeFiWiki is a platform with information about DeFi projects. Its advantages are that the content is immutable(IPFS), attributable(signed by creator) and there are tokenomic incentives in place to ensure high content quality and curation.


Tl:Dr Our DeFi wiki platform would be like wikipedia on steroids. Advantages Content clearly attribute to maintainers / editors List of maintainers that attribute content to its maintainer Not opinionated content Content is not created by one company with incentive to monetize it, compared to other content creation platform of this sort (messari, blockfolio, etc.) Protocol-like approach to content Anybody can create specific frontend that display only certain data or displays it in a specific way or display data only from specific contributors.

DeFiWiki showcase

How it's made

DeFiWiki is a decentralized platform with information about DeFi projects, with incentives in place to ensure high quality content. Problem: All information sites that aggregate and curate information about DeFi projects have at least partly misaligned incentives with the users of these platforms. This is so, because none of them are fully funded from users' subscriptions. The sites can have various deals / sponsorships with various DeFi projects which are in many cases not known or obvious. These income flows have tendency to create biases that are either explicit or implicit and not communicated to the user. Vision: To be fully decentralized, high quality data source of all DeFi projects that uses token incentives to ensure content quality. Our main design principles: Content is fully decentralized, and is fully reconstructable just from looking at the registry smart contract, where all metada + IPFS hashes are stored. There are tokenomic incentives in place to incentivize content curation + creation and punish spam + mallicious content. Content is created in modular way, to allow for different frontends for different use cases, or just use it as a data source. Every wiki page is divided into sections that are separate IPFS data locations. Hence, anybody can create specialized frontend, listing just some sections and not others. E.g. there could be frontend focused on traders, prioritizing specific sections like TVL, tokenomics of the project, etc. Technologies used: Content structure +metadata + registry => smart contracts on Polygon Tokenomics + governance + rights to edit content and become content editor => smart contracts on Polygon Content itself => stored on IPFS

Technologies used