This project combines IPFS and smart contracts to build an escrow system for anonymous transactions of custom digital assets- like code, designs, documents, etc. We noticed a huge problems when dealing with cross-border hiring of anonymous (or even known) individuals through Discrod, Reddit, and Telegram, where someone would hire a developer to build something for them, and one of the parties would be screwed over by faulty code or underpayment. We looked for a solution, that wasn't UpWork or Fiverr, and couldn't find one. This allows two parties (and in v1.1 we'll allow multiple parties to split and view in browser) to exchange proprietary digital assets while still being able to verify and test them.

Descrow showcase

How it's made

We originally used @binance-chain/bsc-use-wallet for the wallet connection, but the dependency had downstream dependency issues, so we switched to the Web3Modal (which looks better). We use a bunch of hooks to manage the smart contract state, Next for SEO and page/key management, and are in the middle of revamping the frontend with bootstrap/typescript components (had to film early as one of the team members had to leave for a few days). We used Polygon for network transactions, as there are a few for the verification, uploading, and sending of digital assets. We use IPFS for storage, which is absolutely mind-blowing considering we're all so used to AWS. We also used Hardhat and Ethers for web3 functionality.

Technologies used