The Dough Maker project is about how to securitize and monetize data utilising IPFS, Aave, Chainlink, Zora and Ethereum. Data is an asset is often quoted but is not the reality today. In today's market complicated data broker organisations are required to arrange data deals between organisations breaking the link between the data provider and data consumer. Added to this securitizing data is often quite difficult due to the difficulties in valuation of a given data asset. Dough Maker addresses these issues by using Web3 & IPFS to create a way in which data can be monetized without being sold, and securitized without release from owner custody. It enables data users to ask the data questions and monetize the answers directly without the complicated export manual processes that are often used today.

Dough Maker showcase

How it's made

The project has been built using to manage storage of uploads and metadata. Ethereum has been used to provide the search interface with Chainlink being used to provide pricing data for charges and loan calculation. Aave has been used to provide a lending pool against data subscriptions and Zora has been used to provide an NFT marketplace for both core data sets and data bytes which are monetized query results.

Technologies used