Easy Web3 is a website builder, which allows non-coder to build a website powered by web3 technology. Users are able to drag and drop web3 enabled component into the canvas to access to the web3 world, such as embed Livepeer stream, music player based on Audius tracks, NFT content on Zora, and coin price. Easy Web3 also integrate Unlock, which can hide certain content behind paywall. Once users are done with editors, they can also click a button and push the website to IPFS.

Easy Web3 showcase

How it's made

The project is mainly based on a open source html builder, Grapesjs. I built corresponding components for Livepeer, Audius, Zora, coin price, Unlock. I use Videojs to play Livepeer steam. I fetch track list through Audius API to and play them with Aplayer. I used Zora's nft-components to display NFT info. The coin price is based on data from covalenthq. I use to upload website assets to IPFS. One interesting hack I did is that Grapesjs is build with Vanilla js, so it does not support React components. Zora's nft-components is based on React, so I need to figure out a way to render it in Grapesjs. I did a customized webpack build for Zora's nft-components, and injected the customized build to render NFT components.

Technologies used