EtherBlacklist brings on-chain the Ethereum addresses known as scammers, hackers or even extortionists. Each bad actor is dropped a non transferable and non burnable NFT. Checking the existence of such NFTs is pretty easy and we provide a contract allowing to do so. This resulting distributed list of bad actor addresses can then be used by wallets and Dapps to improve security for not educated users. We illustrate this by warning user when the try to make transactions with one address tagged as such.

EtherBlacklist showcase

How it's made

The frontend is running Javascript served by a Node.js. It is built to interact with metamask plugin to support transactions on Ethereum and can query Covalent API as well in order to get transaction history of a specified address. The Smart contracts have been developed using Truffle & Ganache. The frontend interact with them using web3 (though Vue.js).

Technologies used