Ethostep is a techno-spiritual collective hastas movement to decentralized audio built to accommodate contiguous cognitive biofeedback aggregation for finding community lockstep rhythm generations for our potentialities of unity seeking in new modes of Vibrational Capitalism. As Tesla looked at wireless charging and electrical capacitors as people. Transmitting through the natural medium, the software might be used for conducing an instrumentality of objects and gestures. Pump the planet with audio signals, to generate resource and token distribution from donations at its core. At a theoretical level, think of it as conducting group attention in the format of information of atmospheric charge from group participation. Much to the tune of ‘bring your own algorithm’ the project aims to say, bring your own vibe to the court of ritual gathers.

Eth(OS)tep showcase

How it's made

The project uses the fluence sdk to compute a mean on a vector set, which will then be integrated with a blueberry headset to calculate live feeds and storage amounts of data sampled. Currently encountering frontend async issues with the data streams. I am quite content so far with the minimal UI, but would further expand on the visualization of the gathers and network that fit together. The superfluid streaming is minimal at the time being but when flow distribution for pools rolls around, the benefit will be quite strong and the core feature. Data will be stored with textile filecoin polygon bridge as NFTs will be minted on the polygon network.

Technologies used