Quite simply, our tool sends files from one person to another, similar to other Web 2 tools you have used but now, decentralised! It is built for virality and growth through community better than similar traditional consumer apps because we plan to issue a governance token. Who is it for? Ferry is the ideal tool for people who are stuck using Web 2 because of the inconvenience and inertia of switching. Use Case: Anyone who wants to use this tool for work as a tech industry freelancer, journalist or creative who needs to send files that are larger than the usual email size. We see this as a common motivation - the need to send files without using a really big centralised storage platform.

Ferry showcase

How it's made

Login: We are using Vercel and Magic to create a DID for our users. Upload: We are building on Protocol Labs' new Web3.Storage service to store our users’ files. Through this we can give the user a temporary storage space where they get access to space for free and use this short term storage to send their files. They can get more storage space and longer file persistence with a paid subscription. Delete and Reclaim: We can periodically reclaim storage space on the free tier of the system in order not to be wasteful. However, as future work, we cannot delete from itself with their client, but for now we can do this manually. This looks normal from our users' perspective. Receive: The receiver can gain access to the files simply via their email, through an IPFS Gateway using Filecoin from Protocol Labs. The Smart Contract ecosystem: is made up of four contracts, deployed on Polygon’s testnet. Two of these make up the governance token, SHIP, and its staking rewards module. The core Ferry contract handles payments, pro subscriptions, and integrates with Aave to earn yield by lending out the protocol’s DAI. The fourth contract is the NFT Minter, which integrates with Chainlink and Zora to bring true randomness to the rarity of our NFTs - a gift for any pro members who subscribe for a month or more. How does it work? Free use Tier Anyone with an email address can create an account and start using Ferry. All files will only persist for max of 24 hours. Pro Users: User's will have more space and can choose how long to persist files for. So when they want to send/upload those files they have more control.On the dashboard is where they can see a list of all links generated. They can see how much space is left, double check details and check how many gov tokens they have and which NFT we have been issued! These gifted NFTs will unlock more rewards in the future in proportion to their rarity of which there are 4 tiers. Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common. This is how we plan to create incentives for use of our tool. Ultimately, all our users will be rewarded in some way. Watch out for our mainnet launch! Future improvements: Build on a subscription based business model refinement. Build on our NFT and gov toke distribution incentivisation strategy to drive adoption and use of the tool. Send more than one file to multiple receivers Support payments with Matic Airdrop to free users using email addresses after hack Staking interface for staking SHIP tokens in our SC Preview of sent file in receivers email General UX improvements for error flow and micro-interactions

Technologies used