The problem with the PC game marketplace today is that a handful of massive companies have a monopoly over discoverability, content requirements, exclusivity, and take up to 30% of sales revenue for the privilege of using their platforms. Our vision is to create a community-owned game marketplace, where developers receive 100% of their sales revenue, and consumers have true digital ownership over their games. For this MVP we successfully implemented a marketplace, games library and a dashboard where developers can update their profile and submit games. For the future we’re planning on adding NFT-based DRM to protect developers, a launcher app for easy install and playing of games, as well as more monetisation options for developers, including limited runs, subscriptions and more.

Games Vault showcase

How it's made

We used Fleek for IPFS hosting, and built the application using React, Next.js and useDApp. We’re using the Polygon network for scalability and to reduce consumer fees. All game files including game builds, images and videos are stored using Game data is stored using Textile ThreadDB as is all developer profile info. Payments, developer memberships and game NFT minting is done with Unlock Protocol. Finally we use The Graph to retrieve all the game’s the player owns, and display them in their library!

Technologies used