The application is based on Ethereum blockchain platform for data records and IPFS for distributed data storage service. The application would reward users for quality content they contribute on the platform. Users will need to use Ether to publish a "Premium post" and Geddit coin to publish a "Casual post". This way, users are limited to only post high quality or legitimate contents as they can only publish a limited number of posts and posts are also perceived to be valuable. Users are incentivized with Ether from the platform based on the number of 'upvotes' they receive on their posts and can be incentivized further with Ether directly from a viewer as a "tip". Besides, users are also rewarded with Geddit coin with a daily reward structure.

Geddit showcase

How it's made

First of all, we got together to discuss our common field of interest so that our interests are aligned when building this project. We brainstormed a couple of ideas and pain points we wanted to solve in our daily lives. Then, we broke down the idea into smaller tasks, get on it, and refined the details (eg: building user flow chart, analyzing user flow) weekly. Finally, we came up with the prototype using Figma for our UI design and for UX design. We expect to use Solidity to create smart contracts for incentivizing users. We also expect to use web3.js, JavaScript, HTML/CSS and React.js for the entire project. This list is not exhaustive.

Technologies used