This is simple project is for storing images as NFT on IPFS and you can share with anyone by giving CID which is provided by the NFT.Storage. You can also check the balance of any address in any network, in this checking balance I have to use the Covalent and Chainlink API but it is in the working process still not completed. By storing images it will use to share with someone or you can make small groups share images by using Image Sharing As NFT.

Image Sharing as NFT showcase

How it's made

This project is made using IPFS, NFT. Storage API, Coavalent API, and Chainlink API. By using IPFS and NFT.Storage technology it makes my wor easy to store the data. Covalent API and Chainlink API are very useful to fetch the balance of any token on multichain. Image sharing as NFT on IPFS using by using IPFS this you can store your image and share with your friends using CID

Technologies used