We often engage in contracts with others and entities, and in doing so work to accomplish the goals of others, while our own goals and dreams are often given lower priority and suffer neglect. Innovatract empowers individuals to enter into a binding contract with themselves by naming their goal, a deadline, and staking funds to compel action and rapid completion of any dream.

Innovatract showcase

How it's made

We built this project using Github, Truffle for compiling, Solidity to build the back-end and React, jQuery/Bootstrap and web3.js to build a front-end user interface, MetaMask, Matic/Polygon and Remix to deploy, and Gnosis to create a secure escrow wallet. We also consulted with Fluence and hoped to utilize their AquaMarine ecosystem, but found we lacked the time and previous experience. Matic helped greatly in deploying the contract. We were blown away at how cheap it was to deploy the contract using Matic verses the significant expense of Ethereum.

Technologies used