A Cyber Insurance Marketplace that allows people to create, bid and fufill cyber insurance contracts.


This project uses FileCoin to allow people to bid on insurance contracts on personal data. For example, if I have 1 GB of personal data I'd like to store on FileCoin, I could put an insurance contract with an agreed amount of Filecoin I'd pay in premiums and time I'd hold onto the data. On the other end, someone else could bid and be the insurer on the other side. (hfs2021) showcase

How it's made

It uses FileCoin's Javascript API to call to a "centralized" filecoin account where the data would be stored on the FileCoin blockchain from one Account. I'd set parameters regarding when and how the data could then be stored and retrieved. After that, people could create, bid and fulfil insurance contracts from a simple react.js front end.

Technologies used