Decentralized Music Streaming Platform that allows music artists to form a close community with their fans through music streaming, distribution, and event promoting.


Music artists can create a profile and put exclusive content within an IPFS file. Fans can purchase an NFT ticket to have access to the IPFS. The artist can also receive tips from the fans while livestreaming performances of concerts. The tips will be deposited into Aave's lending pool on the artists behalf. Artists have the option to give the fans voting rights within the profile. The fans can vote on anything from what should the artist wear for a performance to what song should the artist perform.

Kopper  showcase

How it's made

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the project. The Unlock protocol was used to give fans access to the profiles via purchase of the NFT. We used the new Filecoin-Polygon bridge for the IPFS storage. Livepeer's api is used to livestream content to the profile. Tips are sent to Aave on behalf of the artist for the fans. Chainlink's oracle is used for other content in the file as tips can be given per play of music.

Technologies used