This is a project for EthGlobal HackFS 2021 that I put together to learn about IPFS, ReactJS and the process of creating and deploying a smart contract and Dapp. The idea is: Create a simple smart contract that can save profile information for a target wallet address. The profile info would include: a profile image that links to an IPFS CID a profile name additional profile info (status, description, whatever) Users can interact with the profile smart contract from a dapp that allows: - creating a profile - uploading an image to IPFS and returning a CID - setting other profile info - saving the changes to the blockchain

Learning About IPFS showcase

How it's made

The backend is a very simple smart contract deployed on the Polygon Network that allows a user to save their profile info along with IPFS CIDs for their profile pic. The contract was deployed using Remix. The front end is a ReactJS app that allows a user to connect with their Metamask wallet and update their profile.

Technologies used