Metaverse is coming. During HackFS we got a chance to start builiding our metaverse platform named JVM. We built various components for our metaverse platform during HackFS. These include NFT minter, ERC20 token creator, game assets, deployment on Polygon, game subscription paywall and lockable files. Also, As you know memes are taking over the internet. We are happy to be a part of the great revolution. Checkout the next revolution in meme gaming.Meme-Lord Adventure NFT is a community driven game buit using JVM metaverse platform. The start of the game the user will be given the option of being a rarity character. Rare epic/legendary characters (ex Vitalik Buterin) can be earned through game or bought from Opensea or Rarible. **Skills:** Mining Woodcutting Alchemy Forging Meme (level up your meme skills) Pranking The game has a storyline and weekly quests to complete such as bounties, tap to earn and various maps such as Bankless Daos, Crypto twitter etc..

Meme Lord Game built with JVM Metaverse showcase

How it's made

We have developed various components of a metaverse platform and a role playing game by using those platform components. It's a fun game to build crypto awareness. It allows players to earn by creating and selling their NFT game assets and game tokens. We have used key technologies and protocols such as Polygon/Matic, Web3.Storage / IPFS, Superfluid, Covalent and Unlock Protocol. We also used frameworks such as ReactJs, Web3.js, Node.js, Solidity, Infura, Truffle, Hardhat and Next.js.

Technologies used