A platform to connect meme creators and audience. If a meme goes viral now, the fame is not attributed to its creator. They don't benefit much. Through memeverse, they can mint their memes as NFTs giving them the proof of creation. They will set a price for buyers. Their supporters will search for the memes and buy them. The price in eth is transferred from buyer to creator. The audience is further incentivized to buy as they get exclusive access to the creator's livestream (powered by livepeer).

Meme-verse showcase

How it's made

The project uses IPFS to store the image of the meme. Some metadata is also stored in elasticsearch db to make a search page where buyers can search for memes through keywords entered at the time of minting. When they buy any NFT, they can go to the "community" page of the app, enter the creator's eth address. The app will check if the buyer has bought any meme of that creator and only then, it will allow them to view creator's livestream. This livestream is powered through livepeer. The creator can start a stream through OBS which will be streamed directly to the buyer.

Technologies used