This project would allow organisation , community, or personal to create a digital appreciation / award that could be presented to other party. it could be validated on the blockchain and the file asset are stored safely on Interplanetary File System. Award Creator could create a new award type, and mint that type of award to the relevant party and have it sent into their wallet as NFT and they could view the human version of the award because it saved on the IPFS Award generator for everyone , would add some API into it

Metaward showcase

How it's made

the frontend render the certificate, generate the files basically, and then with the help of files are uploaded and get the metadata generated from there, the CID are used to put the files into blockchain. We are using Vue3 as the reactive web framework, Vite for the compiler, Tailwind for the style / css framework , and pug as the preprocessing language that compile to the web pages.

Technologies used