A platform that enables meta creators to easily manage their metadata, media files, and tracking their NFT assets trading history all-in-one place. Decentralized Identifier (DID) based NFT metadata, which means it’s truly blockchain networks agnostic. The data stores on IPFS/Filecoin nodes, which means everyone can access that data anywhere, anytime, and forever. The meta creators can create and deploy the NFT smart contracts onto any blockchain networks they would like. The meta creators can track their NFT trading history including owners, prices, and when etc.

Metaworth showcase

How it's made

Used textile to store the data records created by the creators. Ceramic tracking NFT metadata changing history. Polygon - Deploy NFT minting factory contract so as to the creators can choose to create and mint NFTs in Polygon network. Used the IPFS/Filecoin to store the metadata and media files

Technologies used