The main objective of this Bot is to evaluate the integrationt APIs of the different ETHGlobal sponsors as well as to familiarize myself with its integration and functionalities. The objective of this project is not a startup, nor a novelty project with respect to the ecosystem; just an evaluation from the role of a developer.

MultiChainBot  showcase

How it's made

Using typescript, discord.js and sponsor APIs we develop several Use Cases: As a developer I want to use Audius API so that I can build decentralized music streaming service. EtherSpot - As a developer I want to use EtherSpot so that I can use the SDK provided so that I can onboard across blockchains. Covalent - As a developer I want to use Covalent API so that I can query several Blockchains. Protocol Labs - As a developer I want to use Protocol Lab so that I can deploy my NFT using the, adn APIs and upload/get files via Discord.

Technologies used