NiFTi consists of a smart contract that mints NFTs ("Non-Fungible Tokens") and a DApp ("Decentralized Application") providing two main functions: anchoring the minted NFT in a physical geographical location and retrieving a list of NFTs given a consumer's location for viewing and interacting purposes. Additionally, NFT creators can bring their own third-party minted NFTs and be able to geographically anchor them utilizing the DApp. The motivation behind this application is to enable consumers to sense a digital layer on top of the physical world around them. Similar to Pokemon Go but with open source, social media as the content rather than solely Pokemon gaming characters. Currently, this digital layer can be interacted with through the use of a point and click mobile device with or without an AR ("Augmented Reality") capability. In the future, I imagine a Google Lens type of mechanism where users can consume hyper digital media through an always on AR interface. Demo: For the whitepaper (work in progress,) please go here:

NiFTi showcase

How it's made

NiFTi will be a decentralized platform built with the following tech stack: Reactjs, Polygon, IPFS, web3.Storage, Ceramic and Fluence. This project will also use superfluid as a form to rent billboard space. For the whitepaper (work in progress,) please go here:

Technologies used