This project allows people to borrow and lend NFTs with each other for a fee and time period. It is intended to be used for representing real world items, and allowing easy borrowing of things such as cars, furniture, etc. People can interact with the smart contract to mint an nft representing something they want to lend, and others can borrow that for the price that the lender has set.

P2P Lending Platform showcase

How it's made

Built using solidity for smart contracts and truffle for deploying. We used IPFS for minting and storing nfts which we accessed using web3. We learnt how easy IPFS is for integrating decentralized file storage with web3 and how seamless it is to connect it to a smart contract. We were impressed with how easy it was to develop the whole ethereum side of things, and only had issues when it came to the front end.

Technologies used