PetGram is a decentralized version of the Instagram platform where each viewer pays to have access to the exclusive content of their favorite pets. This creates a more strong relationship between pets and fans which allows fans to connect with their favorite pet in a more personalized way. Whenever a viewer goes to PetGram will be able to check sample works from different pets, see details from specific pets and unlock exclusive content. The data is stored on IPFS and the generated hash will be used to create an NFT of a photo.

Petgram showcase

How it's made

Our application makes use of the following software: NFTStorage for data storage on IPFS that generates a transaction hash used to create an NFT of a photo. Unlock Protocol to allow users to pay for exclusive content this protocol was a big part of our use case. Solidity for the smart contract OpenZeppelin we use the ERC721 template for faster development of the PetGram's smart contract Ganache for local blockchain development Matic Network: for deployed of the app React JS for the frontend Material-UI for the styles and CSS and Web3 to connect to the blockchain.

Technologies used