### Commoditize Your Inputs Your payment service, your subscriber list, your content history: existential inputs to all future revenue. Content creators achieve independence through commoditizing the format and access to their critical inputs. The pnlp protocol commoditizes your most precious inputs through the composition of well-travelled protocols like Ethereum, IPFS, SMTP, RSS, and SMS. ### Monetize like it's 2021 Did we mention pnlp interoperates with the Ethereum blockchain? With a smart contract platform as your native payment channel, your billing model options just got a whole lot... richer. ### Direct to Subscriber With subscriber list in hand, interact with your customers on your terms, forever. We know. That's what Medium said... But pnlp promises are cryptographic. ### Participate in the Constitution of Knowledge pnlp grants access to a competitive pool of Editorial Boards with a Many-to-Many review pattern. Pluralism ensues.

Pulp showcase

How it's made

**Disclosure**: Pulp is an existing project, it was born at HackFS 2020. It sat idle for several months while the members of the team had some disrupting life events: job changes, marriages, even a new baby! But we're back at it again, and we'll only submit new progress for review per the rules ( Pulp is built using: React, Web3, Ethers, Metamask, Textile, Superfluid

Technologies used