Rightoken is reimagining the music industry by building a stock market for music. Currently, rights to music are opaquely spread across complex contracts using paperwork that must be expensively parsed to distribute royalties from a number of mediums and streaming services. Instead of this, Rightoken tokenizes song recording rights into a Rightoken NFT. This allows rights to be machine-readable, royalties distributed automatically via smart contract, artists to monetize their work on their terms, and enables everyday investors to easily build a portfolio of songs.

Rightoken showcase

How it's made

Rightoken uses React, Next.js, and Tailwind CSS on the frontend. Ethers, Hardhat, IPFS, Filecoin, Polygon, Zora, and The Graph are used on the backend. Rightoken runs on the Polygon network to reduce gas fees. Zora is used for minting and auctioning NFTs. The Graph is used to query all NFTs to create a marketplace and IPFS/Filecoin is used to store NFT metadata.

Technologies used