This project is intended to create an open marketplace where creators will be able to issue a license of their token. Different from a regular marketplace where the tokens get into bids and are transacted, our vision is to provide a tool for people who want to make use of the NFT instead of having ownership of it. The use case is basically for individuals who need to make use of the content without having any trouble related to copyright.

Royalty Free NFT showcase

How it's made

This projects is build on top of scaffold-eth but with the variant of using typescript and hosting the project as a nextjs as with Vercel. Under the hood, the app is able to upload files in the browser and submit the to a textile bucket in a decentralized manner. We also deployed the contract that handles the logic of the transactions on Mumbai testnet. The current working is the integration with The Graph to start indexing transactions and information regarding the owners of the nft's on our frontend.

Technologies used